Packaged Ice

We produce 800,000 pounds of crystal clear ice per day—New York’s #1 distributor of bagged ice. From retail and restaurant locations to backyard cookouts if you are needing a dependable ice supplier to deliver ice to you quickly then look no further than Apple Ice! We offer various sizes of packaged ice made from naturally purified water and deliver across the tri-state area.


Ice Sculptures/Fruit Carvings/Luges


We provide ice sculptures and fruit carvings for weddings, corporate events, religious events, and birthdays.

An ice luge is made from a large block of ice with a narrow channel carved through where the liquid is poured. From world-class events to single block showpieces, we can suggest creative ways to impress clients within your budget. Professional packaging and dedicated drivers deliver sculptures to your tables or freezer on time. We offer two options. Our famous Apple Ice Luge and custom-made ice luges.

  • Ice Sculptures

  • Ice Luges

  • Custom Cubes

  • Premium Cubes

  • Fruit Carvings


Dry Ice

Discover the many uses of dry ice, from food storage, processing, and creating fun and mysterious experiences for any party or event. Apple Ice is your reliable dry ice supplier in New York and the tri-state area.


Kiln Dried Firewood

Not only does Apple Ice sell ice for those hot days... we also sell firewood for those cold days. Apple Ice Kiln Dried Firewood is available in bundles or by the pallet. It comes wrapped in plastic with a carrying handle.


Call 1-800-ICE-TO-GO for pricing!! Also available in cords and half cords.

Call (631) 422-5558 for more information about delivery or Click Here to contact us through email.


Ice Melt Products

Not only does Apple Ice sell ice for those hot days...In the winter months we specialize in various kinds of ice melt products such as: rock salt, calcium chloride, and an organic eco-friendly alternative. Available as bags or by the pallet.