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Ice Sculpture Ideas for Your Wedding

Thinking about having an ice sculpture at your wedding? Ice sculptures make a lasting impression on guests and are truly eye-catching.

Apple Ice can create a piece that perfectly complements your theme. Have something extremely unique that you’d like for your big day? We can carve virtually anything customized to meet your needs and impress your guests. Here are several ideas and more info about wedding ice sculptures:

What types of wedding ice sculptures are there?

There are several options when considering an ice sculpture for your wedding. Some of the most common are:

  • Ice Luges Offering a unique and fun way for your guests to enjoy whiskey, vodka, or even mixed drinks, ice luges are always a huge hit. You can do single or double ice luges in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Centerpieces A great alternative to traditional flowers, you can customize our ice sculpture centerpieces exactly how you want.

  • Ice Sculptures Add an element of awe to your wedding with a custom ice sculpture. You can choose a small tabletop carving or one of our larger displays. Have a specific theme or vision? We’ll work with you to create an intricately carved piece that will delight your guests.

  • Custom Ice Cubes Our custom ice cubes are a fun and visually impressive addition to drinks. They can be sticks, spheres, hearts, initials, or cubes in several different sizes. If you’d like to customize them even more, we can freeze things like berries, citrus rinds, flowers, or herbs inside.

  • Ice Vases A beautiful and unique way to display flowers at your wedding, our ice vases are customized for your theme and the flowers they will hold.

  • Seafood Displays Having a raw bar at your wedding reception? An oyster bar or seafood display is a show-stopping piece that is guaranteed to impress your guests.

What kind of ice sculpture designs can you make for my wedding?

Our expert ice carvers can make virtually anything you can think of. Some of the most popular ideas are custom monogrammed sculptures, personalized ice luges, centerpieces with flowers frozen inside of them, candle displays, or sculptures with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date. Some couples choose 2 hearts, doves, swans, or even wedding rings as their inspiration.

How can I decide what to order?

Whether you have an idea in mind or need some help thinking of what you’d like, Apple Ice has tons of different options for wedding ice sculptures. Check out our full gallery here for inspiration:

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