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Everything You Need to Know About Packaged Ice

You can’t beat the convenience of packaged ice. But not all packaged ice is created equal.

But It’s Just Ice, Why Should I Care Who I Buy Ice From?

We know what you’re thinking…ice is just frozen water, so what’s the big deal? Why should I care what bagged ice I buy? Here’s the difference: Apple Ice is International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) certified. That means that we produce quality bagged ice and ice cube products that meet rigorous sanitation standards required by IPIA. Here’s how IPIA explains it: “Packaged Ice is a Food product and if not produced and handled to strict sanitation standards, it can become contaminated with harmful pathogens that could make one sick.” From backyard barbecues, to camping trips and birthday parties, having pure, high-quality packaged ice to keep your drinks cold and maintain your food at a safe and ideal temperature is a must.

3 Benefits of Apple Ice Bagged Ice Here are a few of the benefits our packaged ice products:

  • It’s Convenient You can only make so many ice cubes yourself! Don’t waste your time filling and refilling ice cube tray after ice cube tray. Save time and aggravation by picking up a few bags of our packaged ice.

  • Better Taste We only use naturally purified water that results in crystal clear cubes. Making ice cubes from the water from your faucet just doesn’t have the same taste. Plus, it can result in cloudy ice cubes.

  • We Offer a Variety of Bagged Ice Products Our bagged ice comes in different sizes and shapes for whatever your needs are. Crushed ice, cubed ice, sticks, balls, blocks or custom cubes….we can do it all.

Emergency Ice Delivery We provide same-day and 24/7 emergency ice delivery services to ensure that you have exactly what you need whether it’s for yourself or to run your business and meet the needs of your customers. Emergency ice delivery requires a substantial amount of preparedness and equipment, but we’ve got you covered. Because we produce 800,000 lbs. of ice every day, and maintain ample storage for the proper maintenance of such a supply, whatever you might need, rest assured that we are able to accommodate you.

For Pickup or Delivery at Any of Our Convenient 4 Locations With 4 locations in Deer Park, Bronx, Monticello, and Hudson we have a fleet of vehicles and an advanced GPS routing system to deliver to you on time every time. Always efficient and professional, the team of Apple Ice makes every effort to see that you are satisfied.

We offer the following sizes for packaged ice:


  • Ice Cubes 7 lb. Bag

  • Ice Cubes 20 lb. Bag

  • Ice Cubes 40 lb. Bag

  • Ice Cubes 6/7 lb. Sleeves

  • Crushed Ice 40 lb. bag

  • Kold Draft 40 lb. Bag


  • 3/10 lb. Compressed Blocks

  • 25 lb. Block

  • 50 lb. Block

  • 75 lb. Block

  • 300 lb. Clinebell Ice Carving Block

  • 300 lb. Core Block


  • Custom Cuts Available – Call for pricing.


  • 1.5″ X 1.5″ Cubes & 2″ x 2″ Cubes

  • 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 5.5″ for Tom Collins

  • (Sticks)

  • 2.5″ Spheres (Balls)

From retail and restaurant locations to backyard cookouts, we offer various sizes of packaged ice made from naturally purified water…and deliver across the tri-state area! Call us at 1-800-ICE-TO-GO (423-8686) for more info.

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