Emergency Ice Delivery Around Newark, NJ

From retail and restaurant locations to backyard cookouts if you are needing a dependable ice supplier to deliver ice to you quickly then look no further than Apple Ice! We offer various sizes of packaged ice made from natural purified water and deliver across the tri-state area. Please Contact us for a quote for all your Ice Product needs

We offer the following sizes for Packaged Ice:



Available Sizes:
  • 300 lb clinebell ice carving blocks (clear)
  • 300 lb core blocks
  • solid 75 lb blocks
  • 50 lb blocks
  • 25 lb blocks
  • 3/10 compressed blocks
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Available Sizes:

  • 1.5″ x 1.5″ Cubes
  • 2″ x 2″ Cubes
  • 2″ x 2″ x 2.5″ Cubes
  • 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 5.5″ SPEARS

    for Tom Collins (sticks)

  • 2.25″ Spheres (Balls)
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Apple Ice is proud to be your trusted ice manufacturer and deliverer in New York and the Tri-State. As the number one distributor of bagged ice, we are the company you can count on to provide the most reliable ice delivery in the tri-state region.

Same day and 24/7 emergency ice delivery are services we provide to ensure that you have exactly what you need to run your business and meet the needs of your own customers. While it might be easy to take something like ice for granted, commerce and convenience may be put on hold when the supply suddenly runs out.

If you need ice now call us at 1-800-ICE-TO-GO (423-8686) or Please fill out a quote form.

Apple Ice has 800,000 lbs Plant capacity that produces Fresh Ice Daily.

With four locations in Deer Park,  Bronx, Newburgh and Hudson we have a fleet of vehicles and an advanced GPS routing system to deliver to you on time every time. Always efficient and professional, the team of Apple Ice makes every effort to see that you are satisfied.

Emergency ice delivery requires a substantial amount of preparedness and equipment. Apple Ice produces 800,000 lbs of crystal clear ice every day, and maintains ample storage for the proper maintenance of such a supply. Whatever you might need, rest assured that we are able to accommodate.

A truck used for emergency ice delivery around Newark, NJ